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The Siam Nara Foundation

My name is Mrs. Sakaoratana, and I'm the owner of Siam Nara restaurant.

I'm proud to be able to call Siam Nara home.


This restaurant has been a foundation for many Thai people in the area since it opened, and I strive to give back to my community by developing education and opportunities for the people.

Siam Nara has always been about bringing awareness to true authentic Thai culture. Not only do we serve bold Thai flavors, but we started this foundation program to help more of our community members. We seek to grow our brand and mission to the people of San Diego. That is why I created the Siam Nara Foundation.

- Sakaoratana

Siam Nara is a hub for authentic Thai culture, providing opportunities for the community to learn about their heritage and explore opportunities in the arts and culture industries.

As a member of the community, Siam Nara provides opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Our vision is to create meaningful connections around San Diego and more. We strive for excellence in not only our food but also in our generosity. Our goal is simple: help our community prosper and succeed.

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